Business Consultation

Whether you are a brand-new entrepreneur or an established business owner, we have systems in place to make your business more efficient and effective.  To get started, we offer a free consultation up to 30 minutes to discuss your business and/or formation needs; your ideas, and identification of your business problem areas. This is a great time to make sure that we are a great fit and for you to ask questions about our services and products. 


Business Discovery Assessment

(How Should I Do It?)  *Ground Floor*

Do you have a great business idea but not completely sure how to tie in your passion or purpose so that you can monetize it?? Have you started a business but it’s not going exactly as you initially envisioned it?  Allow us to perform a structured, in-depth assessment to create an actionable plan of what you should consider accomplishing the goal, and the specific tasks needed to bring it all to fruition. You will receive a Feasibility Analysis and a summation of considerations to achieve your business start-up goal. This is provided electronically and includes up to 45 minutes of in-person or video/teleconference meeting time. An MP4 link of the recorded conference call is also provided when completed.

$135 value *Credit $30 toward any package or consulting service

Business Appraisal/GamePlan Huddle (What’s Going Wrong?) *Mezzanine*

If you are already operating your business but not achieving proper success, let's figure out why! We will evaluate your current business systems, management and operations, and conduct focused interviews to determine the gaps that impede your progress. You will receive a full appraisal and analysis to re-group and reclaim your business. Includes a combination of in-person and video/teleconference meeting(s) up to 3 hours, and a follow-up "check-in" after 60 days (up to 60 minutes) to debrief. Findings and a summary report provided electronically and mailed hard copy.  A one-time site visit within 50 miles of our home office is included. Subsequent visits and locations up to 149 miles away from our home office will incur mileage costs at the current federal rate. **Client may opt for Evo Pro to provide recommended services with $49 credit toward any service or consultative package. 

$469 value - Travel required for more than one day or 150+ miles (one way) from our home office is a flat rate of $250/day. See travel pricing for more details. 

Business Mentoring

(No Lengthy Contract) *Penthouse Level*

We hybrid coaching and mentoring to get you clear on problem areas through targeted questions/assessments and provide you with guidance and the incentive to achieve your goals.  Available on an hourly basis or pay for a period of time so that you will never be without a listening ear or helping hand. Does NOT include legal advice, nor does it establish a client-attorney relationship or representation. 

Monthly packages at a great value! - $199 includes one weekly phone call up to 30 minutes, and unlimited e-mail check-ins and support returned within 48 hours; the bi-weekly plan is $149 and includes unlimited e-mail support with responses within 36 hours. Any work requests made to Evo Pro is assessed based on regular fees applying a 7% discount. 

Business Plan (skeleton)

Why spend weeks or even months guessing, researching, forecasting and writing when you could spend your time doing what you do best, run your business! We provide professional, quality business plans with the standard framework sections tailored to your needs; 2 color copies, a cd copy (upon request) and PDF/Word versions e-mailed to you.

Standard: Executive Summary, Company info, Products/Services, Market and Strategy


Post consultation to discuss how you can best utilize your new tool and methods to tackle your "elevator speech" and summarize it when the opportunity presents. 

$679 with a free consultation 


Business Plan (full)

Need a little more? Do you intend to apply for a loan, grant or Angel dollars? The Full Business Plan adds pertinent financial data. You will receive 2 color copies, PDF/Word versions e-mailed to you and a cd copy (upon request).


Post consultation to discuss what the numbers mean, how you can best utilize your new tool; sources to tap for funding, approaches to present the plan to others for partnering or investing and methods to tackle your “pitch."

$798 with a free consultation 

Written Communication Snack Packs

3/ 5/ 7 Piece Sets 

Let's face it...sometimes there's a lot that you have to say, but sitting down to formulate the right words each and every time to a different person may be a tad daunting. It doesn't have to be! We're able to create customized written communications that allow you to utilize these cleverly designed responses as templates for your letters and e-mails. How simple is that? You will receive electronic versions of all documents AND we will include your logo to create customized letterhead. 


    • Response to a client with service options/price quotation

    • Demand letter for past-due payment

    • Solicitation to join you as a business partner or investor

    • Thank you letter to the client for their business

    • Follow-up letter to a prospective client

    • Response to a solicitation (general inquiry to do business)

    • Your customized need!

Pick 3-$197    Pick 5-$269     Pick 7-$349    

Ask about our Uplevelment toolkit with thoughtfully curated services in one package as well as add-on and a la carte services to help you carry out your business goals. These services include business entity filing, operating agreements, capability statements, and more!

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General business research/Comparison report & analysis

(1 copy + PDF version)

Have you already narrowed down your Evo Pro options and are now ready to make a choice? We're here to help! When you're stuck in the middle, we provide clear, objective information that allows you to see the pros and cons and other factors surrounding your issues. You will receive analysis to better help you make an informed decision. Topics vary widely and are customized to your needs. One example is deciding on where to relocate that is good for both your personal life and business. *Advanced legal research may be referred out. 

$149 value-1 topic (includes research)

$238 value-2 variables (includes research)

$299 value-3 variables (includes research)

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