Free Business Strategy Consultation

Whether you are a brand-new entrepreneur or an established business owner, we have systems in place to make your business more efficient and effective.  To get started, we offer a free consultation of up to 30 minutes to discuss your business and/or formation needs; your ideas, and identification of your business problem areas. This is a great time to make sure that we are a great fit and for you to ask questions about our services and products. 



Business Discovery Assessment

(How Should I Do It?)  

Do you have a great business idea but not completely sure how to tie in your passion or purpose so that you can monetize it?? Have you started a business but it’s not going exactly as you initially envisioned it?  Allow us to perform a structured, in-depth assessment to create an actionable plan of what you should consider accomplishing the goal, and the specific tasks needed to bring it all to fruition. You will receive a Feasibility Analysis and a summation of considerations to achieve your business start-up goal. This is provided electronically and includes up to 45 minutes of in-person or video/teleconference meeting time. A link to the recorded conference call is also provided.

Business Appraisal/GamePlan Huddle (What’s Going Wrong?) 

If you are already operating your business but not achieving proper success, let's figure out why! We will evaluate your current business systems, management, and operations, and conduct focused interviews to determine the gaps that impede your progress. You will receive a full appraisal and analysis to re-group and reclaim your business. Includes a combination of in-person and video/teleconference meeting(s) up to 3 hours, and a follow-up "check-in" after 60 days (up to 60 minutes) to debrief. Findings and a summary report provided electronically and mailed hard copy. **Client may opt for Evo Pro to provide recommended services with $49 credit toward any service or consultative package. 

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Business Mentoring

(No Lengthy Contract) 

We empower you to get clear on matters through targeted questions/assessments. We will listen to your concerns and direct your research of issues, and provide you with guidance and the motivation you need to achieve your goals. Also includes connecting you to other people, opportunities, and resources that may catapult your efforts. Download the brochure. 

Monthly packages at a great value! 

Individual Consulting

(Bi-weekly and monthly plans available)

Why go it alone? We are here to help research your issues and provide you with guidance and credible advice about your specific situation. Our consultations include a wide range of business concepts such as SWOT and needs analyses, marketing plans, organizational design, timeline strategies, best practices, how to handle employees, business design and structuring assistance, etc. We're available for you to ask questions, bounce ideas off of, get feedback on things you are working on or considering, network connections on your behalf, and much more! Available on an hourly basis or pay for a period of time so that you will never be without a listening ear or helping hand. 

Group Consulting

​​Price share and cut costs! Each week we will take on the specific questions submitted from group subscribers and provide candid research, solid responses, and details to address those specific concerns. 

*Ask us about this amazing opportunity!

Growth Tools (Do it For Me services)

Ready to carry out the vision of your business launch? We take a lot of dirty work off your hands by providing you key elements that business owners need to be a major player in the game. We offer a comprehensive startup package along with supplemental services that are sure to meet your needs wherever you are on the spectrum of entrepreneurship. 

Biz Jumpstart Package: For those who desire to establish a business, this package covers the major inroads needed to be fully functioning as a certified business in short order. ​​​For under $500, this package gives you:


  • Education provided to determine implications of business entity choices, including general tax liability

  • Research state and local government filing requirements

  • Research business name availability (name check)

  • Search for local/state licensure requirements

  • Establish identified business entity (1) in the US with all paperwork/accounts/name check and search/state and local law research included *State and other 3rd party fees not included*

  • List of available domain names based on the chosen business name

  • List of best options for opening a bank account and applying for a business credit card

  • Identification of NAICS codes

  • Referral for logo creation or we will design

  • Information and walkthrough to register for FEIN via live web conference

  • Up to a 1.5 hour-long private consultation on the Pillars of Business Success/Q&A (scheduled within 30 days of purchase)

We also offer additional business services to choose from so that you pay only for what you need to have the support you want. 


Legacy Protection Pack

You've worked hard to build what you have and you should protect that interest should you experience a life scare that disrupts your personal or business flow. There is no requirement to be an entrepreneur for this service and any individual age 18+ is eligible. Entrepreneurs, however, tend to have a higher risk of loss or disruption to their business/staff/vendors, and estate planning should definitely be a top consideration for those persons. 

We offer customized documents for you that include: health and financial power of attorney forms; HIPAA authorization; state-specific advance healthcare directives; pet placement designation; and more. Complimentary e-notarization may available. This is not a substitute for a will or other advanced estate planning; together, they provide a strong foundation for protecting your legacy.

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Tell us your needs so that we provide you with personalized services to meet your goals. Additional services that we provide include basic website design, business plan pitch decks, DUNS/Sam-e registration, templated written communications tailored to your needs, operating agreements, capability statements, notarial services, and more!

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