Links, Books, and Videos


For demographic info where you can learn more about a US city/state and characteristics of your target market, visit the US Census Bureau’s American FactFinder.

To learn more about a potential international market, the CIA offers the World FactBook with every country’s profile. Click down on the upper right-hand drop menu for more countries.

Need specific insight on various jobs? Try the Occupational Outlook Handbook to learn average salaries for jobs, the required education for positions, duties performed in a certain job, as well as characteristics a person well-suited for that work may need. All jobs fall within a “work family” category but you can search simply by title. This is great for those that have created unique positions based on your skills – see how to best define your new role and in turn, that can help determine what you might expect in earnings $$$$$.

You don’t need to hire an attorney for all things. To scour federal rules of law, even the roles of Congress and the President, look no further than the Code of Federal Regulations (CFR). Cornell Law is amazing to make available an electronic format online for your viewing pleasure.


I highly recommend getting books on loan at your local library but understand some people (including me, for some reads) want something they can actually put their hands on, read while on the bus/train, and make dog ears out of the pages. However you like your books, the titles below also offer e-reading options on Amazon. *P.S. – also look on Amazon for used books to save even more!


Additional Resources

Worker’s Compensation (WC) is required by companies that have multiple employees (not necessarily contractors). The minimum number of employees may vary from state-to-state. Employers have an obligation to provide an injured employee with reporting information within 24 hours of when they report an on-the-job injury (not the same as when the accident occurred – so don’t drop the ball and get into trouble here!). The federal government has overarching authority over WC laws but States administer local WC programs where private business is concerned. Find your state here to learn your requirements and rules.