Legacy Protection Pack

Legacy Protection Pack 


This package will contain several estate planning documents customized to you - they will be pre-filled and provided to you completed so that you only need to sign and date them.  We also may provide you complimentary electronic notarization service for forms that your state requires to be notarized. You may be required to secure witnesses and e-notary services may not be available to you for those documents.  All forms are applicable to your state's specific requirements. 


Note that wills are not prepared for you and must be completed, signed, and witnessed according to the requirements of your jurisdiction; however, we include the teaching instructions that you will need to create a valid testamentary will. 


  1. Healthcare Power of Attorney - if affected by disability or incapacity, authorizes someone to make healthcare decisions on behalf of the individual. 

  2. Financial Power of Attorney - designates someone to oversee finances and transact business for an individual, including the ability to sign checks from the owner's bank account or pay their rent/mortgage. 

  3. Appointment of Guardian (unmarried) - married persons inherently are assumed to be the guardian for their spouse and young or disabled children if that person becomes incapacitated or disabled. Unmarried persons may appoint a guardian of his or her children should they become incapacitated or disabled. Some states have unique laws for this appointment. 

  4. HIPAA authorization - this authorizes the full or limited use or disclosure of protected healthcare information (treatment information, diagnosis, certain demographic data).

  5. Anatomical Gift Declaration - allows an individual to make an anatomical gift after their death. This may be revoked at any time; states may vary in how revocation may be done.

  6. Advance Healthcare Directive - written statement of an individual's wishes regarding the medical care they would receive if unable to make his/her own decisions. 

  7. Letter to Insurance Company - sent by whomever the individual designates, this letter notifies your home and vehicle insurer that you have transitioned such that any future liability following death does not hinder settling of the estate in probate. 

  8. Pet Placement Designation - decides the transfer of ownership of an individual's beloved pet after their death. 

  9. Newspaper Announcement - provides general information for what an individual would like stated about them in their designated local newspaper and other social outlets following their death. 

  10. Fillable standard testamentary will (unmarried persons) - this document allows an individual to coordinate in advance the distribution of their assets following their death. Wills for married couples are not provided in this package as they require more specificity and customization. 

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