Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How Can We Help?

Please find a list of answers to the most frequently asked questions that prospective clients have. Feel free to reach out to us if you do not see your specific question below.

Q. What is Evo Pro Biz?

A:  Evolution Professional Business Solutions, LLC is the organization dedicated to serving small business entrepreneurs through initial growth stages while avoiding the most frequent causes of small business failures.

Q: How can we work together safely during pandemic times?

A: Your safety and well-being mean a lot to us and we employ all reasonable precautions and options to ensure the safety of us both. Meetings can be held virtually via webcast or telephone. In-person meetings, whether at our office or another preferred location, will reasonably honor CDC guidelines to include sanitized main areas, proper social distancing, and mask wearing. 

Q: Does my location matter?

A:  Evo Pro Biz serves clients throughout the United States.  We operate in a global market and apply the business standards of your location.  Of note, we operate on the eastern standard time zone (EST/NY); to check the time difference between us, visit here

Q: I am not sure if you have worked with the type of business I have.  What types of businesses have you worked with?

A:  Within the past seven years, we have worked with a myriad of entrepreneurs that include authors, public and motivational speakers, restaurant owners, health care providers, creatives (including artists and jewelry designers), coaches, churches, tradesmen (including plumbers and electricians), inventors – that is just the shortlist!

Q: May I make payments in installments?

A: Generally, no. Our services are made affordable for business owners. However, in some cases where a client requests multiple services, a deposit on the full balance may be sufficient to begin service and the balance paid at completion. To make your payment, click here.  

Q: I need notarial service - can you help?

A: Yes. Toni Zavana is authorized to perform in-person and e-notarial acts as commissioned by the Commonwealth of Virginia. Toni Zavana is also certified and bonded as a Notarial Signing Agent (NSA) and can assist with the mortgage closing process. General pricing can be viewed by clicking here. To schedule an appointment, click here. 

Q: Wait! Aren't you an attorney? Can you offer me legal advice for my business?

A: Evo Pro Biz is not a law firm. I cannot offer you legal advice and services nor establish a client-attorney relationship under Evo Pro Biz. We may, however, educate you on legal concepts. Our clients benefit from our legal knowledge and practice experience because we can't "un-know" what we have learned and practiced. Feel free to ask me about options that I can offer to you as well as referrals.